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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolution: A Positive Cash Flow

Full of New Year's feasting, bleary eyed from watching Bowl games on their new-old T.V. retrieved from their dumpster dive, Wooster and Lodi are once again seated at their favorite park bench.  With the new year lying stretched out before them, full of promise and hope, they are planning their financial future.

"Well, Lodi, it's a brand new year.  Have you made any resolutions for 2011?" Wooster ask his sometimes-business partner and full-time friend.

"As a matter of fact, I have, Wooster."  Lodi flipped through his note pad where he'd been scribbling his thoughts, plans and brain-storms. "My number one resolution is to consume less.  After that enormous meal we rescued from our favorite restaurant's trash last night, I had to let out a notch on my belt."

"For a moment there I thought you meant "consume less" as in products and durable goods.  We've basically got that one down pat.  Everything we use is what someone has tossed out, surely making us poster boys  for next "Earth Day".

"That, too." Lodi returned to his list.  "It's reached the point, though,  where we're going to have to create some cash flow, Wooster.  "This dumpster diving is getting kind of crowded these days.  At some point, there'll be more divers than contributors.  Sorta like Social Security."

"You're right," Wooster agreed.  "Let's make sure our cash flow is 'positive' from now on.  That's why we're in the shape we're in, all our cash flow was 'negative'.  Only the government can sustain a financial strategy like that."

"That's a great plan, Wooster," Lodi said as he added a new line to his New Year's Resolution list.  "Then, when the dumpsters get over-crowded, we'll be ready to make our own contributions.  It's beautiful how life comes full-circle - if you have the right plan."

"Plan and execute," Wooster said as he started making notes of his own.  "'Plan your work and work your plan' - that's what my Daddy always said."

"This year, let's make Positive Cash Flow our goal.  I love this time of year...."

Wooster and Lodi returned to work feverishly on their new plan for 2011, with achieving a "Positive Cash Flow" as their shared objective.  All around, shoppers were scurrying to the next after-Christmas, end-of-year, buy-one-get-one-free sale as they cleared out their closets and garages to make room for the new stuff.  The dumpster would be refilled once again.

"Cash Flow"

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Which is Better: A Real Christmas Tree or Fake?

As they rearrange the contents of their culvert pipe home to accommodate the new finds from their latest dumpster dive expedition, Wooster and Lodi ponder one of the burning questions of the day:  Which would have less impact on the environment: a real Christmas tree or a fake Christmas tree?

Wooster, taking a break to rest his back, looked around at their small but adequate living space.  "That T.V. we found is going to take up a lot of room.  We need to save space for the Christmas tree."

"Funny you should bring it up, I've been thinking about what we should do about this year's tree all day," Lodi said as he stooped down to straighten a rug.  "I've been wondering about which is better for Mother Earth, a real or a  fake tree."

Wooster looked over at his friend and business partner.  "Well, you know, those trees we get out of the dumpster after Christmas just never do make it until the following year.  The needles keep falling off no matter how much super glue you use. It usually ends up just bare branches and a trunk."

"I know.  Maybe we should look a little harder for a fake one.  We could put it away and use it year after year and not have to look for another Christmas tree ever again."

"Yeah, your right," Wooster agreed.  "Think of the man hours we'd save, the shoe leather we would conserve not going from dumpster to dumpster searching for the perfect tree?"

"And don't forget the super-glue we wouldn't have to use.  That alone would have to lower our carbon footprint considerably."

"Let's see, Lodi....we don't have a car, we're off the grid, everything we have is made of recycled materials (seeing as how it all comes from the dumpster)...Our carbon footprint is already pretty darn low, wouldn't you say?"

"Everybody can always do a little more, Wooster."  Lodi said over his shoulder as he lit the candles ahead of the fading evening light. 

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Recycling As A Lifestyle

Wooster and Lodi peruse the contents of the dumpster with energy and purpose.  They always find something valuable on their daily "dives".

Wooster jumped back in excitement.  "Look, Lodi.  A perfectly good projector T.V.  It never ceases to amaze me - the things people throw away.  We can put it on the perfectly good T.V. stand we found last week. "

"Great, "  Lodi looked up from his own search to admire Wooster's find.  "A few more components for those solar panels and we can watch the New Year's eve ball drop in Times Square next month.  You know, it won't be long before a plasma flat screen shows up."

"Until recycling catches on with the general public, we've got it made.  Living in a 'throw away' society is working out great for us."  Wooster returned to his search.  "I guess I'm sort of a new-age optimist.  I believe whatever we need will eventually show up in one of these dumpsters.  We have so much to be thankful for."

"Amen,"  Lodi affirmed as he considered a lovely avocado green refrigerator lying underneath a huge pile of beeny babies and cabbage patch dolls.  "It's in abundance."

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Precious Metals Or Whiskey As An Investment

Wooster and Lodi make their way toward their favorite dumpster, saving the newspaper for the cold weather predicted for the coming night.  Lodi is curious to know Wooster's new investment plan.

"So, Wooster," Lodi enquired,"you've got that gleam in your eye.  Have you brainstormed a new investment strategy for us?"

Wooster turned to his friend and long-time business partner, eager to get Lodi's input on his bright new idea.  "I think it's time we changed our whole approach.  I'm trying to decide which would make a better investment, Precious Metals or Whisky. We've done pretty good with Aluminum in the past.  Those cans add up over time. What do you think?"

"That's a no-brainer, Wooster.  Whisky is the obvious choice."

"What makes you so sure, Lodi? 

"Whisky's more liquid."

"That's true," Wooster agreed.  "But I think it's also a riskier investment, though."

"In what way?"

"It would be awfully easy to "dip" into your nest egg - so to speak.  You might drink up all you profits, draining your nest egg before you reach retirement age."

"That's probably true, Wooster.  But I'm sure we'd make significant gains in friends by having a large portfolio of whiskies...we should diversify, though.  Add some burbouns, some fine wines..."

"I'm all for a nice Chardonay, Lodi, but never Merlot,." Wooster insisted as he pried open the dumpster lid.

"No," Lodi agreed as he focused his attention on the potential treasure under the lid.  "Never Merlot."

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet Wooster and Lodi

We find Wooster and Lodi sitting on their favorite park bench.  They're finishing off the last of a still-warm Starbuck's a very nice bussinessman so thoughtfully left behind, along with the morning's paper.  The stogie he conveniently tossed into the bushes is being passed between them as they spend a moment in reflection before heading off for their daily dumpster dive.

"Well, Lodi, we've been through some rough times together, haven't we?" Wooster said as he blew a particularly impressive smoke ring into the early morning sunrise.

"That's a big 10-4!" Lodi agreed with a sigh. "Remember the Savings and Loan Debacle, the Bubble, followed by the Financial Meltdown and the Housing Market Collapse?  And now The Credit Crunch... I'm feeling a little shell-shocked."

"Yeah, we've taken a beating.  But, look on the bright side....we still have our health."

Lodi immediately brightened.  "You're right, we have something to be thankful for.  We don't eat out as often, so our weight is down.  We don't have gas for our car, so we're walking a lot more.  We don't have a job, so we're getting plenty of rest. Yep, our health is definitely being affected in a positive way by this global downturn. "

"Always look for the silver lining, that's my motto.  And look at the price of silver these days...just proves my point."

"That's why I hang out with you, Wooster.  You're always looking on the bright side."

Woost spent a moment scanning the financial section and sipping the last of the Starbuck's.  His eyes widened as a sudden burst of inspiration leaped into his consciousness.  "'Price of silver', 'Looking on the bright side' know, Lodi, I think I've figured out our next investment move." be continued..... Next Post

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome To Funny Business

Hello, my name is Bill Monroe and welcome to my blog "Funny Business".  May I introduce you to two of my characters, Wooster (woo-stir) and Lodi (low-die)? These guys will be handling the blog posts while I draw, think, and otherwise goof off tend to business.  Please check back often for timely, informative, and (hopefully) funny insights about business, sports and life.

From the unique perspective of my world-wise characters whose business savvy is legendary, I trust you will be both entertained and enlightened..... but never, ever bored.

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Bill Monroe

Humorous illustrations about business and life.